Lake Baikal Facts – The Deepest Lake

Lake Baikal is situated in Eastern Siberia. This extraordinary lake is not the usual. There are many Lake Baikal facts that would prove this. Needless to say, the said lake is considered to be the deepest in the whole world. It has a depth of 1,632 m which is measured into its maximum. Its fresh water also has a volume of almost 23,000 cubic km. This only goes to show that it is really not to be underestimated.

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The lake has one-fifth of fresh water. This is how it has been all over the world. Upon looking at its dimension, it can be perceived that others may mistake it as a sea. This occurs a lot as a matter of fact. It has been a common mistake for many.

Aside from its measurement, the lake is also remarkable for the reason that its freshwater has always been the most ancient. It started way back 20 to 25 million years ago. The exact number was not yet identified but it ranges from that. Since it is really a remarkable treasure to behold, it turned out to be a home for many unique species around the place. It is not every day you get to see a freshwater seal and from that body of water, you will be able to do so. This is for sure.

Lake Baikal will always be clear and pure. This is good and if you are fortunate enough, it will be possible for you to stumble upon at least 40 meters of the lake. It may be quite dangerous to go farther on that if you have any plans so think about that initially. On the said lake, there are also various islands that you will see. To be specific, there are 27 of them. A tenfold of such islands has not been inhabited yet.

The coastline of Baikal Lake reaches around 21000 kilometers. There are more than 300 streams and also rivers which flow into the said body of water. However, the Angara is the only known outlet available in there. Up until now, the water has the capacity to create a very mild microclimate which may happen around the shores. There may also be half the species which are situated in the Lake Baikal. This may indeed be a unique place.

This lake in Russia is interesting enough. It has been said that today, no active volcanoes are perceived on the Lake Baikal. If there are active volcanoes, these are only seen in Tunkinskaya valley. This is dubbed as the continuation of the rift of Baikal. As for Lake Baika, there is the so called hundred gas. This may also be found there. There are local residents and fishermen who became representatives of the community. Glowing orbs may also be placed on the lake. There may be observations here. This is true as far as Cape Rytii is concerned. There are many residents who claim that it is not a good idea to go on the said place. Methane emissions on the other hand are yet to be proven.